Office of the Vermont Attorney General

Drug Price Transparency – Manufacturer Annual Reporting

Act 165, creating 18 V.S.A. § 4635 provides that the Green Mountain Care Board (“GMCB”) shall annually identify up to 15 prescription drugs on which the State spends significant health care dollars, and for which the wholesale acquisition cost has increased by 50 percent or more over the past five years or by 15 percent or more over the past 12 months, creating a substantial public interest in the development of the drugs’ pricing. GMCB will make the list available to the public on its website.

The statute also requires that the manufacturers of the drugs identified by GMCB provide a justification for the increase in the wholesale acquisition cost, including all relevant information and supporting documentation, in a format that the Attorney General determines to be understandable and appropriate. The Attorney General must provide a report to the General Assembly by December 1 each year based on the information provided by the manufacturers. The information provided to the Attorney General by the drug manufacturers is exempt from public inspection and will not be released in a manner that allows for the identification of a specific drug or manufacturer, or that is likely to compromise the financial, competitive or proprietary nature of the information.

Attached is the list of drugs, which have been identified by GMCB as meeting the criteria of 18 V.S.A.
§ 4635, as revised by GMCB on August 10, 2017. Drug manufacturers are required to provide information regarding those drugs to the Attorney General’s Office at by October 2, 2017. The Attorney General’s Office has published instructions for the submission of this information, as well as a downloadable form. Questions should also be directed to

Here is the Attorney General’s 2017 Report to the Legislature Regarding Pharmaceutical Cost Transparency Pursuant to 18 V.S.A. § 4635.