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Office of the Vermont Attorney General

100% Pure: Maple and Democracy

The FDA stated that 100% pure maple products will not be forced to display a standard label declaring “added sugars” on the package


“You Spoke and the FDA Listened”

The FDA issued a statement saying that 100% pure single-ingredient products will not have to declare “added sugar” on their labels.






We support clear and transparent labeling. So, we asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to clarify its guidance on single-ingredient products (like 100% pure maple or honey) that contain natural sugar, without a confusing, misleading label suggesting “added sugars”.

Attorney General T.J. Donovan believes this would have misled consumers into thinking that Vermont pure maple products have extra ingredients.

He also believes in democracy, where YOUR voice matters! That’s why we asked Vermonters to send comments to the FDA, saying that 100% pure means just that. The comment period has now closed, but….


More than 3,000 Vermonters and others wrote to the FDA to tell them that 100% pure means just that!

The FDA issued a statement saying that 100% pure single-ingredient products will not have to declare “added sugar” on their labels.

Attorney General T.J. Donovan hailed the news as good for Vermont businesses and consumers.

“This is a victory for common sense and democracy. I want to thank the hundreds of Vermonters who stood up for 100% pure maple products. Your voice made a difference,” said Attorney General Donovan.

According to the FDA statement, the final guidance will spare 100% pure maple and honey producers from an “added sugar” declaration:

“We’re currently drafting our final guidance, which we anticipate issuing by early next year, well in advance of the January 2020 compliance date for larger firms for the updated Nutrition Facts label. This guidance will provide a path forward for pure, single-ingredient “packaged as such” products that does not involve the standard “added sugars” declaration on the Nutrition Facts label.”


Want to follow what is happening? You can review comments and monitor updates on the FDA site.

Thank you for all that you do!