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Office of the Vermont Attorney General

2020 Racial Equity Learning and Discussion Survey

2020 Racial Equity Learning and Discussion Survey
Building off the American Bar Association Racial Equity Habit Building 21-day challenge, a group of AGO staff took on the task of developing additional opportunities for discussions about race and racism to inform our individual and collective efforts to promote racial equity. We are interested to learn about your interest in participating in presentations and discussions organized by the racial equity discussion committee and appreciate you taking the time to answer this survey.
1. What are your preferred methods of participation? [check all that apply]
2. Do you want to hear speakers or participate in discussions on [check all that apply]
3. What media or discussion prompts interest you? [check all that apply]
4. What size of group(s) would you want to participate in? [check all that apply]
5. How often would you like to participate? [check all that apply]
6. What subjects interest you relative to race and racial inequality? [check all that apply]
7. What works best for you?
8. Is it important to you that these opportunities allow you to meet people from outside your division?
9. Would you like to learn about other divisions’ work to address racial inequities?
11. There would be facilitators for any discussion open to whoever joins. Is it important to have facilitators for smaller groups?
12. Would you consider being a facilitator?
13. Did you participate in the 21-day challenge? If yes, please respond to the following:
14. These guidelines were used during the 21-day challenge.

• Be curious, open, and respectful
• Keep the discussion here
• Take space and make space
• Speak from your own experience
• Know that it is okay to experience discomfort.
• Feel free to contact a facilitator if you want to talk about anything that came up today.

If you would like to help with this planning effort, contact Willa.farrell@vermont.gov