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Office of the Vermont Attorney General

Domestic and Sexual Violence

The Attorney General’s Office has one attorney that is specifically dedicated to work involving issues of domestic violence, primarily on policy formulation on a statewide level. This attorney is active on the following committees connected with domestic violence issues: Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission (housed in the Attorney General’s Office and chaired by this attorney); Child Fatality Review Committee; Domestic Violence and the Workplace Initiative; Vermont Council on Domestic Violence; Consultation Committee and the Judicial Caucus for the Vermont Council on Domestic Violence, Arrest Grant Advisory Committee, STOP Grant Advisory team, Vermont Special Investigation Units Policy Board; and the Protection Order Committee of the Court Administrator’s Office. The Attorney plays an active role in related legislative efforts, such as the legislation that enabled the creation of firearm storage facilities. The attorney also coordinates with STOP grantees in the local state’s attorneys’ offices and local domestic violence prosecutors statewide on training opportunities and legal updates. The attorney also works with members of the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services on criminal justice issues, such as presenting an overview of the criminal justice system for the Victim Assistance Academy and participating as a panelist in various member program community forums. The attorney also works with the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council on domestic violence training for police officers and is a member of STOPTHEVIOLENCEVT, an initiative of law enforcement leaders throughout Vermont to combat domestic and sexual violence.

In addition the Criminal Division’s Trial and Investigative Unit prosecutes cases of misdemeanor and felony level domestic violence, including homicides. The Appellate Unit handles appeals involving domestic violence cases referred by local prosecutors. The Attorney General’s Office also provides training related to domestic violence and sexual assault and consults with local prosecutors on domestic violence matters.

The Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission’s Report from 2020 can be accessed by clicking here – (This report and the reports from 2003 through 2020 are also listed in the Report Section of the AG’s web page).

Domestic and Sexual Violence: A Workplace Issue

The Attorney General’s Office has joined with the Governor’s Office, the Vermont Commission on Women, Vermont’s Council on Domestic Violence and domestic violence advocates to address domestic violence as a workplace and public health and safety issue. Domestic and sexual violence does not stay at home when Vermont victims go to work; it affects productivity, increases absenteeism and raises the risk of violence in the workplace. Make your workplace a safe space. Learn more about the Vermont campaign at: