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Office of the Vermont Attorney General

Vermont Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House and Senate President Voice Support for Legislative Action on Gun Reform

February 22, 2018


Natalie Silver, Community Outreach and Policy Coordinator
Vermont Attorney General’s Office
802 595 8679

Peter Sterling, Chief of Staff
Office of the Senate President
802 828 3806

Katherine Levasseur, Chief of Staff
Office of the Speaker of the House
802 828 2245

Meg Polyte, Chief of Staff
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
802 622 4136

In a press conference today Attorney General TJ Donovan, Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman, Speaker of the House Mitzi Johnson and Senate President Pro Tempore Tim Ashe voiced their support for common sense gun legislation. Senate President Ashe announced a plan to bring meaningful gun legislation to the Senate floor for a vote next week. The four elected officials voiced collective support for protecting victims of domestic violence and empowering law enforcement to protect the public and conduct effective risk assessments.

Attorney General Donovan said: “I commend Senator Ashe and Speaker Johnson for their leadership in protecting Vermonters. The time has come for common sense gun legislation. To do nothing is not an option. I am proud that we are acting on this issue and I want to thank Speaker Johnson and President Ashe for their leadership. As the top law enforcement officer in Vermont, I fully support the House and Senate’s bills and I look forward to the Senate’s vote.

“It is past time for action on this issue,” said House Speaker Mitzi Johnson. “The House took a strong step forward in domestic violence prevention last year. I thank Attorney General Donovan for his support of this issue and for common sense gun legislation. We look forward to continue working with the Senate and the Governor on a solution to the gun violence problem that is right for Vermont. We must put everything on the table and look at changes that will save Vermonters lives.”

“I’m proud to be standing together with the Attorney General, and the leadership of the Senate and House to begin the process of reforming gun laws to increase safety in Vermont,” said Lt. Governor Zuckerman. “I spend a lot of time talking to Vermonters from all walks of life and take seriously our job of protecting all citizens and protecting our rights. It is time we pass laws that empower law enforcement, remove firearms from those involved in domestic violence, and close the loop holes in the background check system.”

Last modified: February 23, 2018