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Office of the Vermont Attorney General

Statement of Attorney General T.J. Donovan on the U.S. Supreme Court Nomination

July 9, 2018

Justice Anthony Kennedy deserves our thanks for his decades of service and his support for civil rights and women’s health. Justice Kennedy’s resignation announcement has many implications, but perhaps none resonates more powerfully as the potential impact on a woman’s right to make decisions about her own health. The core principles of Roe v. Wade have held firm for over 40 years.

The government should not be invading very private conversations between a woman and her doctor. The government should not be controlling the choices a woman makes about her own body.

I call on Congress to ensure that any Supreme Court appointee values and respects Justice Kennedy’s legacy that women get to make decisions about their own bodies. We must not turn back the clock.

I also encourage the Vermont Legislature to consider legislation that would protect the principles of Roe v. Wade here in Vermont.

Last modified: July 9, 2018