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Office of the Vermont Attorney General

Attorney General Donovan’s Statement on Vermont Supreme Court’s decision upholding Vermont’s ban on large capacity magazines

February 19, 2021

Contact: Charity R. Clark, Chief of Staff, 802-828-3171

“I am pleased with the Court’s ruling upholding Vermont’s ban on large capacity magazines. This is a win for common sense gun policies and for public safety.

The Court found that while the Vermont Constitution protects a right to bear arms in individual self-defense, this right is subject to reasonable regulation. Vermont’s ban on large capacity magazines, according to the Court, is a reasonable exercise of the State’s police power and poses a minimal, if any, burden on the right to bear arms. The Court noted that large capacity magazines are rarely, if ever, used in self-defense.

With the constitutionality of Vermont’s large capacity magazine ban resolved once and for all, our focus is now on the resumed criminal prosecution against Max Misch.”

Here is a link to the Vermont Supreme Court’s decision: https://www.vermontjudiciary.org/sites/default/files/documents/op19-266.pdf

Last modified: February 19, 2021