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Office of the Vermont Attorney General

Romance Imposter Scams

Romance Imposter: Know your relationships, take steps to verify

Con-artists fabricate a romantic relationship or deep friendship of confidence with a target.

  • Trust is formed and a connection is made.
  • At some point in the relationship, financial help is needed. Caring partners offer funds.
  • Relationships can last months or years and entire savings have been lost.
  • Common forms of payment include wire transfers, gift cards, cash and access to accounts.
  • Funds sent likely cannot be retrieved.
  • Identity theft has a lasting impact.

Scam Recovery


Slow down, log the contact. Make One call to a contact, Call an organization who cares

Avoiding the Romance Scam

Steps to Verify

  1. Use reverse image searches to look up images of the person; if there are many results, the contact may be using someone else’s image and is a scam.
  2. Video chat on your terms and at random times. If they are typically unavailable, they may be scamming someone else.
  3. Use the SLOW method; consult with your close contacts  and reach out to an organization in your life who cares. They may spot something you don’t.
  4. Never send money to someone you have not met in person.

Video Survey CAP Connection: More about Romance Scams


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Recovering from this scam?  Get help now.

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