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Office of the Vermont Attorney General

Data Broker Legislation Working Group Public Meeting Agenda, July 25 & 26, 2017

Our goal is to leave these meetings with a better understanding of the Data Broker industry so that we can make an informed recommendation to the legislature. We ask that attendees adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Please be respectful of all speakers and points of view.
  • You are encouraged to provide any information you think is relevant, but some of the topics of particular interest to the working group are listed on the following page.
  • Please submit a written statement or summary of your comments to MyLanh.Graves@vermont.gov.
  • Please limit your comments to 5 to 10 minutes.
  • We will do our best to give everyone a chance to speak. If there is additional time after all people have spoken, we may allow time for follow-up comments. If you have additional comments beyond the time permitted, please submit those comments in writing.
  • We may ask clarifying questions of speakers and encourage making this a conversation, but please do not interrupt others.
  • This is a public forum and will be recorded; all documents submitted will be public records.

If anyone wishes to contact the working group outside the context of the public meetings, we will make efforts to be available to listen to anyone’s point of view.

Dial-in: 877-273-4202, Room #: 8450380
Code: 92049 (Press *2 to unmute)

Tuesday, July 25
10:00 AM: Introductory Comments
10:10 AM: Overview and Background of the Working Group and Framing Discussion
10:30 AM: Comments by representatives of the data broker industry
12:30 PM: LUNCH BREAK – 30 minutes
1:00 PM: Opportunity for members of the public, or anyone else, to provide comments
2:55 PM: Closing remarks

Wednesday, July 26
10:00 AM: Introductory Comments and Framing Discussion
10:20 AM: Comments by consumer and privacy advocates
12:00 PM: LUNCH BREAK – 30 minutes
12:30 PM: Opportunity for members of the public, or anyone else, to provide comments
2:55 PM: Closing remarks

Topics to Consider
In preparing for the meeting, some topics that you may wish to address, and which our Working Group may discuss in our report to the legislature, include:

1. An appropriate definition of the term “Data Broker.”
2. Whether and to what extent the data broker industry should be regulated by the State of Vermont.
3. Current state and federal consumer protections laws and regulations.
4. Additional consumer protections that are not currently addressed by federal and state consumer protection laws and regulations.
5. The benefits that the Data Broker industry provides to society.
6. The potential harms that the Data Broker industry and/or the widespread availability of consumer data may pose to consumers.
7. Courses of action that balance the industry’s benefits to society with the actual or potential harms the industry may pose to consumers.
8. The potential direct or indirect impact of the Data Broker industry on vulnerable populations.
9. The different business models within the Data Broker industry.
10. The types of data that are transferred through Data Brokers, and whether certain types of data merit increased protections.
11. Whether certain data types should be required to be deleted or expunged after a certain period of time.
12. How self-regulation within the Data Broker industry operates.
13. Whether appropriate safeguards are in place to ensure that our most sensitive information is not sold to identity thieves, scammers, and other criminals.
14. The risk of data breaches within the industry, and how such breaches are, or should be, addressed.
15. The impact of the Data Broker industry on the privacy, dignity, and well-being of the people of Vermont.