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Office of the Vermont Attorney General

Mental Health Crisis Response Commission Minutes – September 12, 2017

I.      A message from the Convener of the Commission, Attorney General TJ Donovan: Speaks about the necessity and importance of the commission’s missio

II.     Election of Commission Chair and Vice Chair:

AG Donovan recommends that Mourning Fox be nominated as chair.
Wilda White nominates Wilda White as chair.
Mourning Fox withdraws from consideration.
Wilda White is elected chair without objection.
Cindy Taylor-Patch is elected vice-chair without objection.

III.   Review of Act 45:

Panel reviews enacting statute and discusses the scope of the panel’s purpose.

IV.    Doing the Work:

Panel discusses how to organize itself and conduct the work. Panel agrees to look at Phil Grenon case first, and also plans to educate itself further about the system and the issues involved.

V.    New Business


VI.  Adjournment