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Office of the Vermont Attorney General

Mental Health Crisis Response Commission

The Mental Health Crisis Response Commission was created by Act 45 of 2017. The commission is responsible for conducting reviews of law enforcement interactions with persons acting in a manner that created reason to believe a mental health crisis was occurring and resulted in a fatality or serious bodily injury to any party to the interaction.

Additionally, the commission is tasked with:

  • to identify improved outcomes within community service systems,
  • to educate the public about intervention in and prevention of mental health crises
  • to recommend policies, practices, and services that encourage collaboration between law enforcement and persons
  • to recommend training strategies for public safety, emergency, or other crisis response personnel that will increase successful interventions

Meetings and work product of the commission are confidential, other than publicly released reports.

The Commission released its first public report, a review of the events surrounding the death of Phil Grenon, in March of 2020. The report can be found here: https://legislature.vermont.gov/assets/Legislative-Reports/2019-MHCRC-Report-ARCHIVAL.pdf.



  • the Attorney General or designee from a division other than that investigating the interaction: (to be determined)
  • the Commissioner of Mental Health or designee: Commissioner Emily Hawes
  • a member of the Vermont State Police, appointed by the Commissioner of Public Safety: Lieutenant Anthony French
  • a representative of frontline local law enforcement, appointed by the Vermont Association of Chiefs of Police: Chief Anthony Cambridge, Hinesburg Police Department
  • the Executive Director of the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council or designee: Training Director Cindy Taylor-Patch
  • a representative of the designated agencies, appointed by Vermont Care Partners: HCRS, Adult Services Division Director Kate Lamphere
  • the director of Disability Rights Vermont or designee: Executive Director Lindsay Owen
  • an individual who has a personal experience of living with a mental illness or psychiatric disability, appointed by Vermont Psychiatric Survivors: Policy and Implementation Specialist Tom Johnston
  • a family member of an individual who experienced or is experiencing a mental condition or psychiatric disability, appointed by the Vermont chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness: Executive Director Laurie Emerson
  • two regionally diverse at-large members, appointed by the Governor, who are not representative of subdivisions (A)–(G) of this subdivision (c)(1), such as an emergency dispatcher, specialist in interactions between law enforcement and individuals with a perceived mental condition, or a representative of the Vermont Human Rights Commission or Vermont Legal Aid: Kristin Chandler and John Campbell

Minutes from Mental Health Crisis Response Commission meeting on September 12, 2017