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Attorney General’s Office Reaches $75,000 Settlement for Timber Trespass at Hazen’s Notch State Park

October 19, 2023

Attorney General Charity Clark today announced a $75,000 settlement to resolve claims by the State of Vermont against Thomas Tremonte for civil timber trespass and unlawful mischief on State Park land. The settlement resolves a 2021 case filed by the Attorney General’s Office on behalf of the Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation (FPR) alleging that Mr. Tremonte cut 839 trees without authorization in a designated natural area in Hazen’s Notch State Park. Mr. Tremonte owns land next to the Park.

“Vermonters take pride in our stewardship of the land and our protection of shared resources,” said Attorney General Clark. “State Forest and Park lands belong to all of us, and cutting or damaging trees on State Forest and Park lands without permission is a violation of the law that costs all of us and can harm the natural environment. As Attorney General, I will fiercely protect our environment so that future generations can continue to enjoy all the peace and tranquility it offers.” 

FPR Commissioner Danielle Fitzko said, “We are pleased with the resolution of this case, which serves as a reminder that permission is required to cut any tree or shrub owned by others, including the State of Vermont public lands managed by the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation for the benefit of current and future generations. FPR’s dedication to protecting our State’s treasured places remains steadfast and includes prohibition of unauthorized cutting and trimming of trees or shrubs for backcountry skiing.” Mr. Tremonte said the purpose of his cutting was to create an area for backcountry skiing. Commissioner Fitzko reiterated, “FPR will continue to monitor and pursue instances of unauthorized tree cutting or damage on State Forest and Park lands.”

Unapproved damage to trees of another is unlawful in Vermont. Whether on public or private land, if you are unsure about ownership of certain trees, FPR advises to call before you cut.

A copy of the settlement is available here.


CONTACT:   Lauren Jandl, Chief of Staff, 802-828-3171