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Attorney General Kicks Off Consumer Protection Week, March 1 – 7

March 2, 2020

Contact: Charity R. Clark, Chief of Staff, 802-828-3171


Attorney General T.J. Donovan kicks off Consumer Protection Week, March 1–7, with a focus on consumer issues facing older Vermonters. Older Vermonters are disproportionately impacted by consumer frauds and scams, because they are disproportionately targeted. Elders are the target of at least one very popular scam – the Social Security phishing scam was the most commonly reported scam of 2019. Over the week, the Attorney General and his Consumer Assistance Program (CAP), a partnership with the University of Vermont, will produce posts relevant to elders and appear at events (see schedule below).

“The most important message I want all Vermonters to hear during Consumer Protection Week is call CAP at 1-800-649-2424 with your consumer questions or concerns,” said Attorney General Donovan. “We especially want to hear from our growing older population and caregivers if they are worried or concerned about a questionable phone call or business practice.” CAP provides consumer information on a wide variety of topics ranging from scams, car buying, identity theft, home improvements, and health/medical products and services. CAP also provides a letter mediation service to resolve consumer complaints against businesses.

The schedule of Consumer Protection Week events to highlight issues that older Vermonters face follows:


Monday, March 2:                Consumer Protection Week kick-off.
                                                    CAP Connection, CAP’s consumer blog will highlight personal stories from our staff members of when they were scammed.
                                                    Read “Scam Invincible.” Because no one is invincible to being #scammed.

Tuesday, March 3:                CAP Connection, CAP’s consumer blog, will highlight “Friendly Advice.” Because no one is invincible to being #scammed.

Wednesday, March 4:          CAP Connection, CAP’s consumer blog, will highlight “Smarter than the Scammer.” Because no one is invincible to being #scammed.

Thursday, March 5:              CAP staff will visit the Frymoyer Community Resource Center at UVM Medical Center to share the Consumer Guide to Vermont Long-Term Care Facilities.

                                                     111 Colchester Ave.
                                                    Main Pavilion, Level 3
                                                   10 a.m.

                                                  CAP Connection will provide information and resources on healthy aging and related products and services.

Friday, March 6:                   Attorney General Donovan will participate in meal delivery with “Meals on Wheels”

                                                   20 Allen Street
                                                  9:00 a.m.

The Attorney General’s Office’s (AGO’s) Elder Protection Initiative (EPI), along with CAP, work to identify common vulnerabilities facing older Vermonters and to create solutions. Information about recent activities and settlements can be found at the EPI’s page on the AGO’s website.

For ongoing updates about this year’s Consumer Protection Week, visit the “In the Community” section of the Attorney General’s website: /blog/category/in-the-community/.