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Hazardous Waste and Storage Tank Enforcement

Hazardous Waste and Storage Tank Enforcement

The Environmental Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office enforces Vermont’s Hazardous Waste laws and regulations and the State’s Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Regulations. Hazardous wastes include wastes that are toxic, corrosive or ignitable, such as waste oil and solvents. Underground storage tanks typically contain petroleum products, such as gasoline, fuel oil or diesel fuel. The Division receives enforcement referrals from the Agency of Natural Resources of alleged significant violations and files enforcement actions in the state courts. These matters may involve the release of hazardous wastes into the environment or non-compliance with regulatory requirements for the management of hazardous wastes or for storage tanks.

In enforcement cases, the Division looks to hold responsible parties accountable for the violations through admissions of liability, civil penalties and injunctive relief requiring compliance plans to govern future conduct. Over the past several years, the Division has successfully concluded a number of hazardous waste and underground storage tank enforcement cases, including:

Cumberland Farms, Inc. – $150,000 in civil penalties for 39 violations of Vermont law for underground storage tanks at 10 Vermont sites; compliance plan for all facilities for underground storage tanks. [link to press release – 3/1/13].

C & S Wholesale Grocers — $215,000 in civil penalties for multiple violations of Vermont’s Environmental Protection Rules relating to hazardous waste management and underground storage tanks. [link to press release – 6/9/09]

Department of Environmental Conservation Laboratory — $85,000 in civil penalties and $30,000 in supplemental environmental project for multiple violations of Vermont’s laws and regulations governing the handling, storage and disposal of hazardous waste; compliance plan for the laboratory, including bi-annual audits for two years. [link to press release – 11/9/11].

Vermont Railway — $70,000 in civil penalties, $50,000 funding of a supplemental environmental project for violations of hazardous waste management laws at Burlington and Rutland facilities; compliance measures to prevent hazardous materials spills. link to press release – 11/5/10]

Slimain Handy’s Convenience Stores, Inc. — $35,000 in civil penalties for release of hazardous material, gasoline, from underground storage tank and piping system at gasoline station. [link to press release – 5/24/10]

Mount Snow, Ltd. — $95,000 in civil penalties for violations of Vermont Hazardous Waste Management Rules [link to press release – 3/9/10]

Links to state regulations:

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