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Expungement Clinic on January 14th to Serve Essex, Orange, and Grand Isle Counties

December 23, 2021

Contact: Charity R. Clark, Chief of Staff, 802-828-3171

Attorney General T.J. Donovan along with Grand Isle County State’s Attorney Douglas DiSabito, Orange County State’s Attorney Dickson Corbett, and Essex County State’s Attorney Vincent Illuzzi will host a free expungement clinic on Friday, January 14th, with appointments available from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Expungements wipe from your record specific convictions and dismissed charges after a certain period of time has passed. Under Vermont law, many misdemeanors, 14 different felony offenses, and all dismissed charges can be expunged. The free clinic will focus on expunging criminal charges and convictions from Grand Isle, Orange, and Essex counties and will be open to the public by appointment.

“Expunging criminal records gives Vermonters a fresh start by providing greater educational, economic, and social opportunities,” said Attorney General Donovan. “My office is committed to creating continued access to expungements for all eligible Vermonters. I thank State’s Attorneys DiSabito, Corbett, and Illuzzi, in addition to Code for BTV and Legal Services Vermont, for their assistance with this expungement clinic.”

“While my office seeks to hold criminal offenders accountable while protecting our community, I wholeheartedly recognize the lasting impact that any criminal conviction can have on one’s ability to secure employment and housing—when anyone’s criminal past follows them, it often exacerbates their efforts to find a job or a home and, in turn, our community is not made safer. The Vermont Legislature has defined the criteria that must be met to qualify for expungement. Therefore, when a Vermonter has demonstrated years of law-abiding behavior and meets the requisite criteria under the law, it is incumbent upon me, as a public official, to help those eligible through the process. I am pleased to partner with Attorney General T.J. Donovan in hosting our first Expungement Clinic here in Grand Isle County,” said Douglas DiSabito, Grand Isle County State’s Attorney

“I am pleased that we will have an expungement clinic in Orange County, and I’m hopeful the residents will take advantage of this opportunity,” said Dickson Corbett, Orange County State’s Attorney. “This clinic will provide residents with a guided means for getting eligible offenses expunged from their records. I am grateful for the support from the partner agencies.”

“Although we have held previous expungement clinics, and routinely encourage qualified individuals to seek expungement of eligible convictions, I am pleased to work with the Attorney General‘s office to keep this opportunity front and center for those who may benefit from expungement of older convictions,” said Vincent Illuzzi, Essex County State’s Attorney.

Attorneys from the Attorney General’s Office will offer free assistance with petitions for Vermont-specific “qualifying” criminal convictions and dismissed charges. Vermonters should schedule appointments in advance by calling the Attorney General’s Office’s expungement clinic line at 802-828-0033 by January 11, 2022. In-person appointments will be available for those seeking expungement of charges and convictions from Grand Isle County. All other appointments will be conducted by telephone on the day of the clinic.

More information on expungements generally is available at Vermont Legal Aid’s website at