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Consumer Alert: Vermonters Deceived by TurboTax Will Receive Restitution Checks

May 9, 2023

Vermonters who were misled by TurboTax into paying for free tax services will begin receiving restitution checks in the mail this week as the result of a multistate settlement. The settlement, announced in 2022, applies to certain consumers who paid TurboTax’s owner Intuit to file their federal tax returns for tax years 2016, 2017, and 2018 when they were eligible to file for free through the IRS Free File Program.

“I am pleased that Vermonters who were deceived by TurboTax will receive their money back,” said Attorney General Clark. “This settlement holds Intuit accountable for their deceptive marketing of free tax services and requires them to be honest and transparent with consumers about their eligibility for free products.”

More than 10,000 Vermonters will receive checks of $29 or $30. Eligible consumers do not need to file a claim. Instead, they will receive notice by email from the settlement fund administrator, Rust Consulting, and will receive payment automatically. Checks will be mailed out by the settlement administrator over several weeks, beginning this week. The amount each consumer receives will be based on the number of tax years for which they qualify. Most consumers are expected to receive around $30.

Attorney General Clark reminds consumers that they will not need to file a claim, provide account credentials, or pay money to receive a payment under the settlement. Vermonters with questions about the settlement are encouraged to contact the Consumer Assistance Program by calling 1-800-649-2424 or visiting

For more information about who is covered by the settlement, and information about the settlement fund, please visit