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Attorney General’s Office Sues Logger for Consumer Fraud

February 5, 2024

The Attorney General’s Office has filed a lawsuit to hold a logging business accountable for violations of the Vermont Consumer Protection Act. The Attorney General’s Office alleges that Codling Brothers Logging and David, Joe, and Paul Codling have conducted fraudulent business practices in logging in the State of Vermont. In the Complaint, the State alleges that the Codling Brothers used unfair and deceptive practices with at least five Vermont landowners. The Attorney General alleges that this logging business solicited landowners at their homes, making misleading statements about their services and subsequently taking more logs than agreed, failing to compensate landowners and leaving a mess that landowners had to clean up at their own expense. 

“Vermonters have a right to honesty in consumer transactions, including those involving their land and trees,” said Attorney General Clark. “These logging practices have defrauded consumers and must be met with accountability.”

The Attorney General’s lawsuit seeks to stop this fraudulent pattern and practice in logging, which shines a light on the sophisticated lure that has left these consumers and their land with lasting damage. The Attorney General seeks permanent injunctive relief, restitution and damages for Vermont consumers, civil penalties, disgorgement of profits, and fees and costs.

“The Department supports the Attorney General’s action to legally hold loggers accountable for engaging in fraudulent and deceptive acts that significantly harm consumers and the State,” said Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation Commissioner Danny Fitzko. “While most logging contractors in Vermont adhere to applicable laws and contribute valuable services to consumers and the State, a minority negatively impact consumers and their land, the professional community, and the State as a whole. The Attorney General’s lawsuit sends a powerful message that fraudulent activities within the logging sector will not be tolerated. We are committed to supporting this effort to halt the deceptive pattern and practices identified, safeguard Vermont consumers, and protect the vitality of our forests.”

Vermonters who wish to make a complaint about consumer harm may contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program by calling 800-649-2424 or visiting FPR’s County Foresters and Forestry Advisors provide forest management and forest stewardship information, technical assistance, and outreach to landowners in Vermont. Find your County Forester at

The Attorney General’s Complaint filed in Washington Superior Court is available here.



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