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Attorney General Clark Recognizes Consumer Protection Week

March 9, 2023

CONTACT:   Lauren Jandl, Chief of Staff, 802-828-3171

Announces top 10 consumer complaints of 2022 & “Stopping Scams Together” initiative

In recognition of National Consumer Protection Week, Attorney General Charity Clark today announced the top 10 consumer complaints received by her office’s Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) in 2022. CAP, a partnership between the Attorney General’s Office and the University of Vermont, offers a free mediation service for Vermont consumers, including small businesses. In 2022, CAP received 1,206 complaints and recovered more than $452,000 for Vermont consumers, nearly doubling the total amount of recoveries for Vermonters compared to 2021 ($240,000).

Claiming the list’s top spots are complaints involving vehicles, home improvement, and retail respectively – collectively representing approximately 52 percent of all complaints filed in 2022.

“The Consumer Assistance Program offers an invaluable service to Vermonters, and I am grateful for their good work and dedication to protecting consumers,” said Attorney General Clark. “Every day, the Consumer Assistance Program resolves complaints, generates refunds, and protects Vermonters from scams and identity theft. I encourage all Vermont consumers, including small businesses, to reach out to the Consumer Assistance Program for help.”

In addition to consumer complaints, CAP also helps Vermonters prevent and cope with scams. Earlier this year, the Attorney General released the top 10 scams reported to CAP in 2022. Today, Attorney General Clark gathered with representatives of Walmart and community leaders to announce her “Stopping Scams Together” initiative in support of National Consumer Protection Week. She recognized the efforts of retailers to train employees to spot scams and frauds and prevent them. And, she announced a new reporting tool where Vermonters can share their own successes in stopping scams. These success stories will be used to promote prevention and educate Vermonters.

CAP has documented thousands of scam reports on the CAP hotline, 1-800-649-2424, and Online Scam Form. While approximately 6 percent of scams reported in Vermont indicate a dollar loss, most scam attempts are unsuccessful. The common thread among stopping scams in progress is the intervention of another individual.

For more information on scam prevention, or to report a scam or make a consumer complaint, go to:

The following are the top 10 consumer complaints received by CAP in 2022:



Consumer Complaint Issue

Number of



Motorized Vehicles

Common issues included defective merchandise; failure of state inspection; misrepresentation; and unsatisfactory service/repair.



Home Improvement

Common issues included unsatisfactory service/repair; criminal home improvement fraud concerns; failure to perform; improper installation; and deposit refund dispute.




Common issues included failure to deliver; refund policy/ refund disputes; defective merchandise; and unsatisfactory service.




Common issues included pricing complaints; refund delays; propane tank removal delays; billing disputes; contract disputes; and safety concerns.



Home Furnishings

Common issue included defective merchandise, often involving new appliances.




Common issues included unauthorized billing; excessive estimate/charge; and defective merchandise.



Banking, Credit and Finance

Common issues included debt collection; credit reporting disputes; and financing/loan issues.




Common issues included satellite dish; ticket agents; event/concert Venues; publications; and social media.



Housing and Real Estate

Common issues included landlord-tenant issues; security deposit disputes; and warranty of habitability disputes.




Common issues included tax preparation; childcare providers; plumbers; and beauty services.