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July-September 2021

8-17-2021_Letter to Vermont Notifying & Reporting New Drugs

2021 – 42291-0073-60 – Abiraterone Launch

ADUHELM – VT 30-Day New Drug Report

B Braun Medical Inc – VT Notice of New High Cost Drug 00264-4400-54

Chlorzoxazone Tablets – Vermont State Notification (revised July 1 2021)


Isotretinoin 3 day notice VT 10_20_30MG

Isotretinoin 30 day notice VT


Mylan VT 30 Day Submission Formoterol Fumarate

NEXVIAZYME_Vermont 3-day notification_August 2021

NH New Drug detail reporting – Epic Pharma, LLC 2

NNI New Drug Wegovy


Report Concerning a New Prescription Drug Pursuant to 18 V.S.A. § 4637(c) – Chlorzoxazone

Rufinamide MPI VT 30 Day Report – 07-01-21

Rylaze Vermont PDF

Rylaze VT 30 day notice

Takeda – Exkivity – Vermont New Drug Notice – 20210920

UPTRAVI® (selexipag) Receives FDA Approval

Varenicline Tablets – Vermont State Notification (revised September 2021)

Vermont New Drug Notice_07_22_2021

Vermont Notification_20Aug2021


vermont-prescription-drug-reporting – 04-14-2021

VT 30 Day File – UPTRAVI

VT 33 day new product letter – Newlynx 133 count

VT Act 193 New Drug Notice – Ganirelix Acetate

VT Act 193 New Drug Notice – Nexplanon

VT ACT 193 New Drug Notice

VT Act 193 New Drug Report – CHLORPROMAZINE Final

VT Act 193 New Drug Report – ESOMEPRAZOLE MAGNESIUM Final

VT Act 193 New Drug Report – Hydrocodone Acetaminiphen Final

VT Act 193 New Drug Report – LEVORPHANOL TARTRATE Final

VT Act 193 New Drug Report – Nexplanon, Ganirelix

VT Act 193 New Drug Report – POSACONAZOLE Final

VT Act 193 New Drug Report – VARDENAFIL Final

VT Letter final 9.29.21

VT new drug notice 2021

VT New Drug Notification_Jul2021

VT New Drug Pricing Report -Formoterol

VT New Drug Report – Kadmon executed

VT New Drug reporting 2021 (5)

VT New Prescription Drug Notice

VT New Prod 3 Day – Sunitinib Malate Caps

VT New Prod 30 Day – Sunitinib Malate Caps

VT Product Notification 3Day for SAPHNELO


VT_11_NewDrugReport_20210809 (1)


VT30day Reporting for Koselugo 28ct

VT-high-cost-prescription-drug-reporting_WPS 7.2.2021





WELIREG 30-Day New Drug Product Submission to VERMONT