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General Counsel and Administrative law

The General Counsel and Administrative Law Division (GCAL) provides legal advice and representation to Vermont’s constitutional officers, appointed officials, and state agencies on a wide variety of topics and in multiple forums. GCAL is the primary source of legal services to the Agency of Transportation (AOT), including the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the Tax Department, the Department of Buildings and General Services, and the Board of Medical Practice. GCAL is also a source of legal services to the Military Department, the Agency of Education, and many other state agencies, departments, and boards.

GCAL attorneys provide legal advice on agency-specific issues as well as issues common to all agencies such as public records, open meetings, and contracts and other legal agreements. The Division assists with drafting and negotiating complex contracts, including investment and technology contracts.

The Division includes the Administrative Law Unit, the Tax Unit, and the Transportation Unit, described below. The Division is also home to the Appellate Unit and the Community Justice Unit.

The Administrative Law Unit represents the State in employment and civil rights litigation before the Labor Relations Board, the Human Rights Commission, state and federal courts, and the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. These matters include employee discipline and performance grievances, disputes under collective bargaining agreements, and claims of discrimination in employment or public accommodation. The Unit also administratively prosecutes unprofessional conduct complaints against physicians, physician assistants, podiatrists, anesthesiologist assistants, and radiologist assistants before the Board of Medical Practice and represents the State in liquor and tobacco license enforcement matters before the Board of Liquor and Lottery. The Unit also provides general counseling services to state agencies, departments, and boards on a wide variety of subjects.

The Tax Unit provides counsel to the Department of Taxes. It represents the Department in litigation and provides general counseling on a variety of tax administration, revenue collection, public records, and contracting matters. 

The Transportation Unit provides legal services to AOT, which includes DMV. It represents AOT in federal and state courts, as well as administrative forums, on matters relating to federal and state environmental permitting for transportation projects, contractor claims, motor vehicle law, tort and property claims, and condemnation proceedings, among others. The Unit also advises AOT on many topics including transportation infrastructure (highway, rail, and aviation assets) and real property; environmental, contract, and administrative law; state and federal legislation and rulemaking; and DMV’s program administration and enforcement activities.