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2024 Disclosures by Manufacturers of Prescription Drugs, Biological Products and Medical Devices

  • Making an Online Payment
  • Disclosure by Expenditures for Prescribed Products
  • Annual Reports
  • Enforcement Actions
  • Detailing: Marketer Price Disclosure Law
  • To ask questions and submit disclosures please email

The statute may be found here: 18 V.S.A. §§ 4631a.-4632

Making an Online Payment

We now accept online payments; our Online Payment Page:

Disclosure of Expenditures for Prescribed Products

Vermont law bans most gifts and requires reporting of most expenditures of pharmaceutical products, biological products, and medical devices to Vermont health care providers, including expenditures for samples (including vouchers) and clinical trials. For information on reporting under the law, scroll down to see Vermont law and the Office’s guidance.

The law also requires companies with expenditures to register with the Attorney General’s Office by April 1 of each year, and to report expenditures and distribution of samples by April 1. We encourage all manufactures to sign up for the prescribed products listserve or register a compliance officer if the company will have expenditures to report. This will allow us to readily contact you with updated information on how to comply with Vermont law.

In addition, we encourage all manufactures doing business in Vermont to sign up for the prescribed products listserve. This will allow us to readily contact you with updated compliance information.

Prescribed Products Listserv
To sign up for the listserv click here where you can either subscribe or unsubscribe.


Annual Requirements

Compliance Officer Form must be completed by the first day of each reporting period – e.g. by April 1, 2024, by manufacturers with expenditures in 2023. If you want updates and notifications of conference calls, but do not have expenditures to report, please sign up on the Prescribed Products ListServe rather than using the Compliance Officer Form

Manufacturers with expenditures above $0 for the previous reporting period must send a registration fee of $500 by the first day of each reporting period.

To request the Vermont Attorney General’s Tax ID Number or W-9 form, email us at: with “Tax ID” in the subject line.

To make a payment see our online payment page by clicking here.

Refunds of registration fees will not be reviewed for approval and processing until 60 days after the reporting deadline. To request a refund, complete the refund form.

Disclosures and Guidance

2023 Compliance Officer Form

2023 Disclosure (Expenditures and Samples for Calendar year 2023) Due Date: April 1, 2024

To submit disclosures you must first have submitted a Compliance Officer form. Once that is done you can click on the link below to login (with the credentials provided on the Compliance Officer Form) and submit either Expenditures and/or Samples. 

In lieu of using the online forms the AGO does provide Excel spreadsheets for both Expenditure and Sample disclosures, once completed the spreadsheets should be emailed to

Annual Reports

Enforcement Actions

The Office of the Vermont Attorney General administers and enforces the Prescribed Product Gift Ban and Disclosure Law. View settlement documents for enforcement cases brought since the fall of 2013.

Detailing: Pharmaceutical Marketer Price Disclosure Law

Vermont’s Pharmaceutical Marketer Price Disclosure law, 18 V.S.A. § 4633, requires pharmaceutical marketers to provide doctors with comparative price information, so that doctors can take cost into consideration when prescribing drugs within a therapeutic class. The Vermont Attorney General has issued a Guide on how to comply with the law, model forms (short form and long form), and Frequently Asked Questions.