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2024 Vermont Attorney General’s Office Public Record Act Requests and Responses

Last Updated: April 22, 2024

Please note that personal information, such as personal contact information contained in public record act requests, may be redacted under 1 V.S.A. § 317(c)(7).



Date Name Organization Topic(s) Request and Response
04/21/2024 Corbett, Donald N/A AGO not custodian

2024-04-21 Corbett PRA request.pdf

2024-04-22 Butler response to Corbett.pdf

04/17/2024 Flanders, Colin Seven Days MFRAU records

2024-04-17 Flanders PRA request.pdf

2024-04-17 Jandl response to Flanders.pdf

04/16/2024 Grundstein, Robert N/A AGO not custodian

2024-04-16 Grundstein PRA request.pdf

2024-04-17 Mishaan response to Grundstein.pdf

04/15/2024 Kellogg, Krisandra N/A AGO not custodian

2024-04-15 Kellogg PRA request.pdf

2024-04-16 Mishaan response to Kellogg.pdf

04/14/2024 Harvey, Kaleb N/A AGO not custodian

2024-04-14 Harvey PRA request.pdf

2024-04-16 Mishaan response to Harvey.pdf

04/10/2024 Ricker, Isabella Turke & Strauss LLP Consumer complaints

2024-04-10 Ricker PRA request.pdf

2024-04-15 CAP response to Ricker.pdf

04/10/2024 Dorsey, Edwin N/A Consumer complaints

2024-04-10 Dorsey PRA request.pdf

2024-04-15 CAP response to Dorsey.pdf

04/05/2024 Race, Jacob N/A AGO not custodian

2024-04-05 Race PRA request.pdf

2024-04-05 Jandl response to Race.pdf

04/05/2024 Kulkin, Joey N/A AGO correspondence

2024-04-05 Kulkin PRA request.pdf

2024-04-09 Mishaan response to Kulkin.pdf

04/03/2024 Marble, Marcia Marble Realty, Inc. Consumer complaints

2024-04-03 Marble PRA request.pdf

2024-04-09 CAP response to Marble.pdf

04/02/2024 Cisneros, Shannen Haley & Aldrich, Inc. AGO not custodian

2024-04-02 Cisneros PRA request.pdf

2024-04-04 Mishaan response to Cisneros.pdf

03/25/2024 Coughlin, Mary N/A Criminal records

2024-03-25 Coughlin PRA request.pdf

2024-03-29 Barkus 10 day ltr to Coughlin.pdf

2024-04-05 Barkus response to Coughlin w docs.pdf


Hudkins, Peter

N/A AGO not custodian

2024-03-21 Hudkins PRA request.pdf

2024-03-22 Mishaan response to Hudkins.pdf

03/20/2024 Shannon, Deborah N/A AGO not custodian

2024-03-20 Shannon PRA request.pdf

2024-03-20 Mishaan response to Shannon.pdf

03/14/2024 Forester, Rylan N/A AGO not custodian

2024-03-14 Forester PRA request.pdf

2024-03-14 Mishaan response to Forester.pdf

03/10/2024 Doerr, Teri WebRecon LLC Consumer complaints

2024-03-10 Doerr PRA request.pdf

2024-03-11 CAP response to Doerr w docs.pdf

03/04/2024 Jones, Tom American Accountability Foundation Consumer protection

2024-03-04 Jones PRA request.pdf

2024-03-07 Kolber response to Jones w docs.pdf

03/01/2024 Davitt, Aaron N/A AGO not custodian

2024-03-01 Davitt PRA request.pdf

2024-03-04 Mishaan response to Davitt.pdf


Mikulec, Angelyn

Clark Hill

Consumer complaints

2024-02-21 Mikulec PRA request.pdf

2024-03-04 Curtis response to Mikulec.pdf

02/27/2024 Hall, Scott N/A AGO not custodian

2024-02-27 Hall PRA request.pdf

2024-02-28 Mishaan response to Hall.pdf


Burnham, Matthew

N/A AGO not custodian

2024-02-27 Burnham PRA request.pdf

2024-02-28 Mishaan response to Burnham.pdf

02/25/2024 Cooper, David N/A AGO not custodian

2024-02-25 Cooper PRA request.pdf

2024-02-26 Mishaan response to Cooper.pdf

02/22/2024 Torgerson, Emma N/A Criminal records

2024-02-22 Torgerson PRA request.pdf

2024-02-28 Padula 10 day ltr to Torgerson.pdf

2024-03-20 Paulino response to Torgerson.pdf

02/22/2024 Zehr, Timothy N/A AGO not custodian

2024-02-22 Zehr PRA request.pdf

2024-02-23 Mishaan response to Zehr.pdf

02/20/2024 Collins, Meagan Lynn, Lynn, Blackman & Manitsky, PC Medicaid Fraud records

2024-02-20 Collins PRA request.pdf

2024-02-23 Newman response to Collins.pdf

2024-04-03 Lynn PRA appeal.pdf

2024-04-10 McDougall response to Lynn.pdf

2024-04-15 Newman final response to Lynn w docs.pdf

02/20/2024 Crowther, Katie

Manning Gross & Massenburg LLP

AGO not custodian

2024-02-20 Crowther PRA request.pdf

2024-02-21 Mishaan response to Crowther.pdf

02/19/2024 Bronner, James N/A AGO not custodian

2024-02-19 Bronner PRA request.pdf

2024-02-20 Mishaan response to Bronner.pdf

02/16/2024 Jones, Brad N/A AGO not custodian

2024-02-16 Jones PRA request.pdf

2024-02-16 Mishaan response to Jones.pdf

02/15/2024 Keays, Alan VTDigger Criminal records

2024-02-15 Keays PRA request.pdf

2024-02-21 Jandl response to Keays.pdf


Davis, Adam

CCS AGO not custodian

2024-02-15 Davis PRA request.pdf

2024-02-16 Mishaan response Davis.pdf

02/12/2024 Elder-Connors, Liam Vermont Public Criminal records

2024-02-12 Elder-Connors PRA request.pdf

2024-02-14 Jandl response to Elder-Connors.pdf

2024-02-14 Elder-Connors PRA appeal.pdf

2024-02-22 McDougall appeal response to Elder-Connors.pdf

02/08/2024 Schonfeld, Orrin NBC5 News Criminal records

2024-02-08 Schonfeld PRA requests.pdf

2024-02-09 Jandl response to Schonfeld w docs.pdf

2024-02-13 Jandl response to Schonfeld.pdf

02/07/2024 Berman, Elizabeth N/A Consumer complaints

2024-02-07 Berman PRA request.pdf

2024-02-08 Jandl clarification ltr to Berman.pdf

2024-02-13 CAP cost estimate to Berman w docs.pdf

02/06/2024 Victory, Lauren CBS News Consumer complaints

2024-02-06 Victory PRA request.pdf

2024-02-08 CAP response to Victory.pdf

02/04/2024 French, Monica N/A AGO not custodian

2024-02-04 French PRA request.pdf

2024-02-06 Butler response to French.pdf

01/24/2024 Briordy, Alexandra University of Missouri AGO not custodian

2024-01-24 Briordy PRA request.pdf

2024-01-25 Mishaan response to Briordy.pdf

01/22/2024 Tondrowski, Katherine Kellogg, Hansen, Todd, Figel & Frederick, PLLC Consumer protection

2024-01-22 Tondrowski PRA request.pdf

2024-01-25 Kolber 10 day ltr to Tondrowski.pdf 

2024-02-09 Chaudoir cost estimate ltr to Tondrowski.pdf

2024-02-15 Chaudoir response to Tondrowski w doc

01/19/2024 Lewis, Shannon EWU Media LLC Criminal records

2024-01-19 Lewis PRA request.pdf

2024-01-25 Stratton response to Lewis w docs.pdf

01/18/2024 Berman, Elizabeth n/a Consumer complaints

2024-01-18 Berman PRA request.pdf

2024-01-24 CAP response to Berman w docs and cost estimate.pdf


Ricker, Isabella

Turke & Strauss LLP Consumer complaints

2024-01-18 Ricker PRA request.pdf

2024-01-22 CAP response to Ricker.pdf

01/15/2024 Manelski, Ian One Step Software AGO not custodian

2024-01-15 Manelski PRA request.pdf

2024-01-18 Mishaan response to Manelski.pdf

01/11/2024 Maloney, Sara AqueoUS Vets AGO not custodian

2024-01-11 Maloney PRA request.pdf

2024-01-11 Behrens response to Maloney.pdf

01/10/2024 Hanrahan, Chelsea New England College Criminal records

2024-01-10 Hanrahan PRA request.pd

2024-01-16 Butler response to Hanrahan.pdf

01/07/2024 Smith, Lillian n/a Consumer complaints

2024-01-07 Smith PRA request.pdf

2024-01-10 CAP response to Smith.pdf

01/05/2024 Chait, Evan Catalina Structured Funding, Inc. Consumer protection

2024-01-05 Chait PRA request.pdf

2024-01-10 Souligny response to Chait w docs.pdf

01/05/2024 Elder-Connors, Liam Vermont Public EB5

2024-01-05 Elder-Connors PRA request.pdf

2024-01-05 Jandl response to Elder-Connors.pdf

01/05/2024 Kilgallen, Joe Enterprise Mobility AGO not custodian

2024-01-05 Kilgallen PRA request.pdf

2024-01-05 Behrens response to Kilgallen.pdf