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2023 Vermont Attorney General’s Office Public Record Act Requests and Responses

Last Updated: January 25, 2023

Please note that personal information, such as personal contact information contained in public record act requests, may be redacted under 1 V.S.A. § 317(c)(7).



Date Name Organization Topic(s) Request and Response
01/20/2023 Anderson, Emma N/A Consumer protection

2023-01-20 Anderson PRA request.pdf

2023-01-23 Kolber response to Anderson.pdf

01/19/2023 Kelaidis, Jesse Turke & Strauss LLP Consumer complaints

2023-01-19 Kelaidis PRA request.pdf

2023-01-23 CAP response to Kelaidis.pdf

01/19/2023 Ricker, Debra Worksafe Traffic Control Industries AGO not custodian

2023-01-19 Ricker PRA request.pdf

2023-01-20 Mishaan response to Ricker.pdf

01/18/2023 Kuhlmann, Benjamin N/A Consumer complaints

2023-01-18 Kuhlmann PRA request.pdf

2023-01-24 CAP cost estimate and spreadsheet to Kuhlmann.pdf 

01/13/2023 Duffy, Peter Pollack Solomon Duffy LLP Medical practice

2023-01-13 Duffy PRA request.pdf

2023-01-19 Campbell response to Duffy w docs.pdf

01/13/2023 Bhirud, Ketan Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP AGO not custodian

2023-01-13 Bhirud PRA request.pdf

2023-01-19 Mishaan response to Bhirud.pdf

01/06/2023 Jackson, Sarah CREtelligent AGO not custodian

2023-01-06 Jackson PRA request.pdf 

2023-01-10 Mishaan response to Jackson.pdf

01/04/2023 Rojas, Raphael N/A AGO correspondence

2023-01-05 Rojas PRA request.pdf

2023-01-06 Rojas revised PRA request.pdf

2023-01-10 Jandl response to Rojas w docs.pdf

2023-01-10 Rojas Mishaan followup.pdf

01/03/2023 Chait, Evan Catalina Structured Funding, Inc. Consumer protection

2023-01-03 Chait PRA request.pdf

2023-01-06 Layman response to Chait w docs.pdf